Clinics and Services

We see the promotion and the maintenance of health as a very important aspect of the service we offer and provide the following services to help our patients. Please telephone or enquire at reception if you want an appointment for any of the clinics.

Maternity Services

We provide maternity services alongside the community antenatal service.

Cervical Screening

We encourage all our adult female patients to have this simple test every three years (from ages 25-50), or every five years (ages 50-64). Appointments for cervical screening can be booked with any of our practice nurses.

Child Health Programme

The care given to your child in the first five years of life is important for the future. We wish to work in partnership with you to protect your child from disease and promote good health for life. We are also able to treat any health problems that may arise, in the full knowledge of your family’s health and medical history. You will be automatically notified by the Health Authority when your child’s immunisations are due.

NHS Health Checks

This clinic is run by our health promotion sister and offers screening for heart disease and advice and support for you about improving your health and preventing disease.

Asthma And COPD Clinics

These clinics aim to help people with asthma and COPD to understand and manage their condition so that they can maintain the best possible health.

Diabetic Clinic

This clinic offers patients with diabetes the opportunity to have regular specialist medical and nursing care.

Travel Advice

Advice, information, vaccination and services are provided to help you maintain your health and prevent disease while travelling. There is a charge for most of the vaccinations which should be paid prior to receiving the vaccinations. Please visit our Travel Room for further information.

Non-NHS Services

A fee is payable for all non-NHS work. Examples of these include medical examinations for travel, sport or employment, medical reports for insurance companies or solicitors and all private letters. All non-NHS services are completed at the doctor’s discretion and the fee must be paid in full prior to the completion of any certificates, reports or letters.


We offer a full range of immunisations to help protect our patients from disease.

Family Planning

We provide a comprehensive range of family planning services. The pill and general advice on contraceptives may be obtained from any of the doctors. From January 2019 we are providing a ‘long acting contraception’ clinic talk to your doctors if you are interested in having a coil or implant fitted.

Services for Patients Over 75

We offer all our patients aged 75 and over the opportunity to have an annual health assessment at the Centre.